Late Summer Gleaning

It's the end of the summer season. Summer squashes and winter squashes, melons and watermelons, and of course tomatoes, are on their last leg. Farmers have already harvested all they can from their summer fields and they are looking ahead to fall plantings. 

 Even after farmers have picked all they can, there is always some extra fruits and vegetables in the field. That's where gleaners come in. It's a slow process, moving across the fields looking for the late blooming fruits. A few weeks ago, these plants were loaded with watermelons and tomatoes. Now, the harvest can only be found here and there. This gleaning was at Durst Organic Farm in Esparto, CA. Jim and Deborah Durst are wonderful people and amazing organic farmers. 

 We had a great gleaning day. All this produce will go to the awesome organization and restaurant called "Worth Our Weight". They are a tuition free culinary school in Santa Rosa, CA. It's a super cool organization with really stellar people and awesome food! Check it out online at:


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