Harvest & Mill is an independent and honest clothing maker, specializing in t-shirts. All our goods are sewn in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. Using only 100% USA grown organic cotton and American mills. Free of dye house chemicals. Our shirts never leave the USA (unlike 99% of all garments) and are clean finished. Our supply chain is entirely transparent.

Our system means |  real fair wages |  EPA guidelines  |  lowest carbon footprint |  total transparency |  healthy clothing |  independent design




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In less than 100 years,

the t-shirt went from being banned in public to being the height of fashion.  

In less than 70 years,

the t-shirt became arguably the most toxic consumer product made

In less than 30 years,

an American icon became a cheap import

Harvest & Mill is remaking the original t-shirt. 

The future of fashion

Brands are for cattle. We are more than a brand. We design and manufacture our shirts. Process is everything. 


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