At Harvest & Mill, we design and manufacture t-shirts. From the highest quality organic US grown cotton. Exclusively made in America, from farm to sewing machine. Free of dubious chemicals from agriculture and dye houses. Independently made and sewn in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. Entirely transparent. 

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In less than 100 years,

the t-shirt went from being banned in public to being the height of fashion.  

In less than 70 years,

the t-shirt became arguably the most toxic consumer product made

In less than 30 years,

an American icon became a cheap import

Harvest & Mill is remaking the original t-shirt. 

The future of fashion, from the best of the past  

Brands are for cattle. We are more than a brand. We design and manufacture t-shirts the original way - the way it was done 100 years ago.


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inspired by Sonoma farmers

lightweight cotton jersey v-neck



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