We make tee shirts the way it should be done. Starting with high grade American grown organic cotton, entirely milled in America and sewn in the San Francisco Bay Area, using only plant dyes. The end result is the softest and cleanest shirts in the world, made for those who do what they love.

Our process means |  premium quality  |  real fair wages |  EPA guidelines  |  lowest carbon footprint |  total transparency |  healthy clothing |  independent design



2 pack special

mix and match

sizes and styles

In less than 100 years,

the t-shirt went from being banned in public to being the height of fashion.  

In less than 70 years,

the t-shirt became arguably the most toxic consumer product made

In less than 30 years,

an American icon became a cheap import

Harvest & Mill is remaking the original t-shirt. 

The future of fashion

Brands are for cattle. We are more than a brand. We design and manufacture our shirts. Process is everything. 


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