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We are American manufacturers, making clothing the right way. All of our clothing is grown, milled and sewn completely in America from 100% USA grown organic cotton. Inspired by our love of the outdoors, America's tradition of craftsmanship and a sincere commitment to local workers, we focus on classic designs with an innovative process. We make clothing that is well crafted and functional, while embracing clean techniques and rebuilding American supply chains. Based in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. 

Organically Grown   |   Milled   |   Sewn   |   Plant Dyed   | Completely in America

Est. 2012

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In America

We make our clothing entirely in America, from the harvest to the mill. Starting with high-grade organic USA cotton, milled, sewn and dyed in America. This guarantees a low carbon footprint and a consistent high quality. Read more...


Organic Cotton

Did you know fashion was so deeply tied to agriculture? Cotton is a plant and the raw material of most clothing. Right now, you are probably wearing a cotton plant. Read more...


Toxin Free

We believe clothing should be healthy for people and the environment. By using only plant dyes, we keep our water clean and our bodies free of dye/finishing chemicals. Plant dyes are beautiful and regenerative.            Read more...


Our Story

Since 2012, we have been manufacturing our own tee shirts in a radically different way. The "behind the scenes" of the fashion industry is remarkably opposed to what consumers see of most brands. We believe in making clothing the right way, with transparency and an entirely American supply chain. 



How other clothing is made

  • shipped around the world to be grown, milled, designed and sewn
  • "Made in America" means assembled or just sewn in America
  • Consumers never know who or where clothes or fabrics are made, they only know the brand name on the tag and their home office
  • Consumers often don't know what exactly a "fair wage" is or what "fair trade" really means. Sweatshops are often a reality.
  • Developing nations have under regulated environmental laws that are often exploited for cheaper production
  • Dye and finishing chemicals are hidden from the public and rarely disclosed, the toxicity of such chemicals are controversial 
  • The carbon footprint is enormous when clothing travels around the world to be grown, processed, dyed and sewn

The Harvest & Mill process

  • entirely domestic supply chain
  • "Made in America" means grown, milled and sewn in America
  • Consumers know that we manufacture all our own clothing and commission our own fabric
  • Consumer know American labor standards are some of the highest in the manufacturing world
  • The EPA has strict guidelines for worker safety and environmental protection, this is traceable and transparent
  • We use only clean finishing and plant dye techniques, which are healthy and transparent
  • Our entirely domestic supply chain means a lower carbon footprint because the raw materials never leave America

In less than 100 years,

the t-shirt went from being banned in public to the height of fashion.   

In less than 70 years,

the t-shirt became arguably the most toxic consumer product made

In less than 30 years,

an American icon became a cheap import

Harvest & Mill is remaking the original t-shirt. 




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