We are American manufacturers, making clothing the right way. Inspired by our love of the outdoors, America's tradition of craftsmanship and a sincere commitment to local workers, we focus on classic designs with an innovative process. We make clothing that is well crafted and functional, while embracing clean techniques and rebuilding American supply chains. Based in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. 

our  entire supply  chain  is  the  USA

Organically Grown   |   Milled   |   Sewn   |   Plant Dyed   | Completely in America

Est. 2012

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we can change the fashion industry...                       and change the world





In America

We make our clothing entirely in America, from the harvest to the mill. Starting with high-grade organic USA cotton, milled, sewn and dyed in America. This guarantees a low carbon footprint and a consistent high quality. Read more...


Organic Cotton

Did you know fashion was so deeply tied to agriculture? Cotton is a plant and the raw material of most clothing. Right now, you are probably wearing a cotton plant. Read more...


Toxin Free

We believe clothing should be healthy for people and the environment. By using only plant dyes, we keep our water clean and our bodies free of dye/finishing chemicals. Plant dyes are beautiful and regenerative.            Read more...

In less than 100 years,

the t-shirt went from being banned in public to the height of fashion.   

In less than 70 years,

the t-shirt became arguably the most toxic consumer product made

In less than 30 years,

an American icon became a cheap import

Harvest & Mill is remaking the original t-shirt. 



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our story


We always liked being hands-on and figuring out how things work. If there is a rabbit hole, we are the ones who go down it. Natalie and Paul had lived many lives, in the world of art and business but when they met, Natalie was a young idealistic farmer and Paul, originally from Ireland, was a jack-of-all-trades seedsman. While farming together in Northern California, we started talking about cotton and clothing. We realized that no one was making clothes that matched our ethos about food - organic, local, thoughtfully made. There is a lot of greenwashing in the fashion world and when you dig deep, you find the truth underneath the marketing is really unsavory. In 2012, we decided to change that. After years of working on designs and learning the ins-and-outs of American industry, we built a garment manufacturing business that could sew t-shirts from 100% USA grown organic cotton, milled in America's heritage mills and sewn in the San Francisco Bay Area. We founded Harvest & Mill with a simple mission: to make clothing that we were proud to wear. Clothing that we could hike in, work in and go out in. Clothing that was honestly and independently Made in America by American farmers, millers and seamsters. Thankfully, there were a lot of other people out there looking for the same thing. We know you'll be proud to wear our shirts, wherever life takes you. 



We were farming in Northern California when we started a small, custom sewing business. We always loved to work with our hands, whether it was planting lettuce, harvesting tomatoes, wood working or sewing. As our sewing business grew, we learned more about the fashion industry status quo: the environmental harm, the labor issues, the negative impact of globalization. We knew there was another way to make clothing. With the help of American organic cotton farmers, generations old American mills and family-owned American sewing factories, we built Harvest & Mill on a true commitment to American workers and organic production. We named our company Harvest & Mill because those activities are the alpha and omega of clothing, the beginning and the end steps of clothing production. We believe every step along the way matters, every seed and stitch matters, every worker and every drop of water. We believe that knowing exactly where our clothing is made, from the harvest to the mill, is a part of the beauty of clothing.

Process is poetry and we know process can change the world.