Making custom clothes since 2012

 In 2012, we started sewing custom shirts and clothes under the design name 'Harvest Organic Clothing'. As our vision expanded, we created a ready-wear line of t-shirts and grew into Harvest & Mill. From the beginning, we knew our company was different. We were not into marketing or branding clothes - we were into making clothes.

 Our founders are designers and farmers. The combination of sustainable farming and independent clothing manufacturing experience proved to be invaluable. We have seen the food movement raise awareness and offer small-scale, real-life solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. It is precisely those small scale solutions that big food companies now use. Fashion can do that too. We believe design needs to work hand-in-hand with the materials and process - materials guide design as much as design guides materials. Function and beauty are deeply connected. This was our founding principal. When the fashion industry destroys the environment and degrades human life, it does not function well and it is not beautiful. But when fashion can heal the environment and empower humans, it functions as a true source of beauty. 

 The fashion world has a long way to go towards sustainability. We see a lot of "brands" spring up, clothing companies that drain the meaning out of words like "sustainable", "eco-friendly" and "fair trade". Many small companies even use the same supply chains or buy directly from big box companies but just market their clothes differently. 

 We are all becoming more media savvy and concious of our consumer choices. We know that companies and marketing campaigns manipulate good ideas in order to sell us more stuff. At the same time, we all recognize that our consumer choices can have a positive effect on our health, the environment, our communities and the world.

 Harvest & Mill has started an honest conversation about transparency and solutions. We are not a third party certifier, we are not a blog and we are not a marketing firm. We are designers, farmers, seamsters and educators interested in intelligent design and implementation. We have created a working blueprint for the future of fashion. Sustainability is real. What's next? Want to participate in the conversation?

Contact us here. There is a place for you at the table.