The Blueprint for Eco-Fashion

An honest look at making sustainable clothing.


Supply Chain: Transparency 

The supply chain is the heart of sustainability. Clothing is made step by step: the farm, the mills, the factories. It's not good enough to hope big clothing companies have a conscience. We need to know where our clothing comes from. Full transparency is the only way. 


Grown & Sewn in America: From start to finish

To solve the big picture, we need Grown & Sewn in USA, made in America from start to finish. Otherwise, we are just solving the symptom and not addressing the cause.


Organic Cotton: Healthy farming and healthy clothes  

Organic agriculture rejuvenates our ecology by rebuilding soils, keeping water safe and cleaning the air. Organic cotton farming does not use toxic chemicals. Organic cotton farming is GMO free. Beyond that, healthy organic agriculture is the best way to actively make our planet healthier.


Free of Chemicals and Harmful Dyes: Toxin free clothing

Clothing is our second skin and it should be toxin free. Did you know that most clothing is made with toxic dyes and finishes? These chemicals can cause allergic reactions and can have unknown long-term health implications. These pervasive toxins also pollute the land and water both globally and locally. 


Clothing Makers: Slow fashion and independent thinking

Independent clothing makers are changing the fashion status quo.  While we wait for big fashion companies and government policy to wake up, we can act today by supporting the people who are offering a real alternative.