Clothes carry meaning – they tell a story.

At Harvest & Mill, we love making clothes for people. We actually manufacture our own garments. We do not purchase major label clothing, re-tag and resell it - that is the biggest secret in clothing manufacturing - many "clothing companies" simply buy from the big box factories and re-tag the clothes with their own label. At Harvest & Mill, we make our own patterns, source our own materials, sew our own custom shirts and contract local sewing mills. 

In the same way growing food is deeply satisfying, making clothing is inherently meaningful. Fashion is not only how a garment looks on the runway or in the ads. Fashion is also about how and where a garment is made. Fibers, fabrics, supply chains and makers all weave together a real story about who we are and what we do. The mission of Slow Fashion is to infuse meaning back into our clothes. 

Imagine a cotton field in the summer sun. The warm, nutty smell of cotton fiber. The soft, fluffy feel of pure cotton against your skin. We want to bring that natural feel back into clothing. 

Now imagine that cotton ball traveling to the mill to be knit. There are the people and the hands that process those materials. And then the people who sew your t-shirt together. We are proud to support truly ethical manufacturing that takes place entirely in the USA.

At Harvest & Mill, we know the best shirts start with the best materials - in the same way, the best meals start with the best ingredients. And a t-shirt that is made with care and craftsmanship by independent workers, is similar to a meal made with love. We want to share the natural beauty of pure cotton and the joy of making clothing. 

We know that in the process of making the blueprint for eco-fashion, we need to point out how the current fashion system is broken. But in the end, we want to put forth a positive vision of how to heal the fashion industry. Like any problem solver, we are coming at this issue from a new perspective. We have actually made clothes, by hand, for ourselves and for neighbors. We have farmed and worked in the field. We know the work that it takes to make a t-shirt and we value the people who do it, from start to finish. 

We will not compromise on our vision for sustainability. We know how necessary it is to set this standard and show that it can be done. We are an independent clothing manufacturer that uses the cleanest and softest cotton in the world to make the most ethical and sustainable t-shirt in America. We know it takes transparency, education and dialogue to truly change the world.

It all can start by making a t-shirt...