About Us

Est. 2012

We wear tee shirts every day of the year, we love tee shirts. We hike, farm, travel, work and go out in our shirts. When we started making custom shirts in 2012, we wanted our materials, design and process to reflect our lifestyle and our values. It's clear that the way we make and buy clothing can help address the environmental, economic and social issues we face today. By making tee shirts the right way, we can help rebuild American manufacturing, support American organic farmers, keep our water and soil clean and keep our bodies healthy. We are inspired by the people we work with, the stalwart American farmers and mill workers who have withstood the economic storms and caprice of markets. We are inspired by the ingenuity of nature, that created the super soft, breathable and versatile cotton plant and the brilliant colors of sage, madder, indigo and more. Our mission is to create comfortable, quality and conscious clothing and along the way, create a new reality for consumers and manufacturers alike.